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Sacred Heart School will prepare students to become productive and responsible Catholic citizens by establishing and maintaining high academic standards in a positive family atmosphere.



Birth Certificates are required of all students.

Catholic students not baptized at Sacred Heart Church need to present a copy of the certificate of Baptism at the time of enrollment.

Kansas Certification of Immunization must be submitted to the school. Required immunization must be updated as necessary.



To fulfill the requirements of Kansasís law, only pupils who are 5 years old on or before September 1 may be admitted to kindergarten. Only pupils who are 6 years old on or before September 1 may be admitted to first grade.

Jump Start students should be 4 years old by September 1.

Lollipop Preschool students should be 3 years old by September 1.



Teachers are available by appointment.  At no time should a teacher be asked to give up his/her time during teaching hours.  Call and make arrangements to visit with the teacher at a convenient time. 



The school doors will open for the student arrival at 7:45 AM. Students are to go directly to their respective classrooms.  Students who eat breakfast at school may arrive between 7:30 AM and 7:55 AM and may enter through the north Cafeteria door.  Students eating breakfast must finish and report to their classrooms by 8:00 AM.  Classes will begin at 8:00.  Students reporting after that time will be tardy.


Dismissal will be 3:25 PM.  Parents are responsible for picking up students promptly.  This is a safety issue for your children.  If the children are not picked up by 3:40 p.m. the children will remain inside the building and the emergency number will be called to pick up the childrenPlease keep the teacher informed on any changes in arrangements for your child.



Regular attendance is important.  Illness or emergencies are valid excuses.  Notify the school office when your student is absent.  A written note explaining the absence is necessary when the student returns to class.

Any time a student leaves or returns to school he/she is to report to the office upon leaving and returning.

Parents are held accountable for grade school student attendance.  It is important for students to arrive on time.  If a student arrives any time between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM, the student is considered Tardy.  If the student arrives after 9:00 AM, he/she is considered Absent for a portion of the day.  If a student leaves the school for a period of time during the day, he/she is also considered Absent for a portion of the day.

Absences will be recorded as follows:

                A student missing up to three hours is considered Absent for half a day.  If a student leaves before 3:00 PM, he/she is considered Absent for half a day.

                A student missing more than three hours is considered Absent for the whole day.

****Students who are absent because of illness will not be permitted to take part in after school practices or activities. 



Whenever a child is required by law to attend school, and said child is inexcusably absent on either THREE consecutive days or FIVE or more days in a semester, said child shall be considered to be not attending school, as required by K.S.A. 72-1111. Whenever the above occurs, the principal will contact the parent for teacher-parent-principal conference. The principal will turn truant cases over to SRS.



Bicycles / scooters should not be ridden on school grounds. Bicycles / scooters are not to be ridden off school grounds during the school day except with prior approval.

For safety reasons, skateboards and roller blades are not allowed on school property.



So that feelings will not be hurt, we ask that invitations to birthday parties not be handed out in school if they are not intended for everyone in the class.  Birthday treats may be provided for the class with approval from the classroom teacher.



All students who attend Sacred Heart School are expected to participate in the lunch program. If exceptions are necessary, they are to be approved by the principal. 

Participation in the Breakfast program is optional.  Breakfast is served from 7:30 AM to 7:55 AM.  Students may enter through the north Cafeteria door if they arrive before 7:45 AM.

The cost for Breakfast is $1.00.  The cost for Lunch is $2.00.  Breakfast and Lunch bills will be paid at the end of each month.

Parents are always welcome to eat Lunch with their children but must let the kitchen know by 9:00 AM.  Adult meals are $3.00, payable at the office.

Reduced or free meals are available. The school office will provide the necessary information and forms to apply, or you may obtain these on this website at




Bus service is provided by USD #303.  Any report from the district authorities regarding misconduct on the bus will be treated in the same manner as any other discipline problem at school.  Misconduct by students may result in forfeiture of bus transportation.

Route information may be obtained by contacting the Superintendentís Office of USD #303.



Sacred Heart School supplies textbooks and workbooks on a rental basis.  All non-consumable books, including library books, must be returned in good condition at the end of the school term. No marking of any kind is allowed in textbooks. Fines will be assessed for damage to books. Lost books must be paid for or replaced. Textbooks are to be covered to protect them and must be kept covered.



In the event of a problem, the person seeking an answer should go first to the teacher; if no satisfaction is gained, go then to the Principal; if no satisfaction is gained, only then should you go to the Pastor.  Because the School Council is not an administrative group but is an advisory group to the Principal and Pastor, the members of the Council are not in a position to deal with problems.



Students in grades 7/8 will attend band or elective class at the High School. Parents may choose to have their student dismissed at the High School or returned to SHS.

Transportation will be provided.


Each student will be expected to follow the guidelines of the discipline plan. A copy of that plan is available by contacting the school office.



Sacred Heart observes the policy on drugs established by the School Council of the Diocese of Dodge City. Students may not carry or use tobacco products. Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed or brought to school.



Students are not allowed to use personal electronic devices during school hours ( cell phones, IPods, etc.).



At the beginning of each nine-weeks, each student will be given a grace period of two weeks in which no grades will be sent home and all students will be eligible to participate in any extra-curricular activity.

During the third week and every subsequent week of each nine-weeks grading period, grades will be sent home (usually on Tuesday). If, at any time during or after this week, the student has one (1) U/F or two (2) D-Ďs in any core subject area(s) (Math, Reading, English, Spelling, Social Studies, Science or Religion), he/she will be put on probation for one week. Probation week will be considered a warning week, in which the student will attempt to improve the grade(s) and still be allowed to fully participate in any extra curricular activity. Each student will be allowed one probation week per nine-weeks grading period.

If, at any time after the probation week, the student has one (1) U/F or two (2) D-'s in any of the core subject areas, he/she will be ineligible for that week (Tuesday through Monday).

Whenever a student becomes ineligible, he/she will not participate in any extra-curricular activities, including practice.



Field trips to enhance the educational experience of pupils may be taken. The Principal will authorize these trips. Parents will receive information regarding out-of-town field trips well in advance of the trip.



Grade cards will be issued at the end of each quarterly grading period. The school calendar will indicate when they are to be sent home. A weekly progress report will also be sent home for grades 6-8. If a grade of a D- or F is on the grade slip, the teacher assigning the grade will call the parents to discuss the situation. Working together will


The following grading scale will be used:

94-100     A

86-93     B

78-85     C

70-77     D

                                Below 70     F



It is strongly recommended that homework be given. Homework assignments should be educational, provide an application of previously learned material, correlate past and present learning processes. Departmental structures require coordination of assignments. If a child has excessive homework, call the classroom teacher and discuss your concern. Parents and teachers working together equal success for the student.



Each student is responsible for maintaining an orderly desk/locker, and helping to keep the classroom clean. Students are responsible for general cleanliness of the hallway, cafeteria, restrooms, and the playground.



Students with lockers will be assigned lockers by the homeroom teacher. The school will provide locks. Students are encouraged to keep lockers locked to safeguard their property.  Principal or teachers may inspect lockers at any time.



Kansas State Law states:

"Diagnosis and treatment of illness and the prescribing of drugs and medications are never the responsibility of a school and should not be practiced by any school personnel, including school nurses. Under the Nurse Practice Act it is illegal for school nurses to administer medications for physicians or dentists. The law under this statute also prohibits any acts of diagnosis. Therefore, the school never provides students with aspirin or any other medications. The decision as to whether aspirin is needed is a form of diagnosis, and the dispensing of the medication is a form of treatment."

If prescribed medication is to be given during the school day, a written request to the teacher from the parents is required.



The school cannot be responsible for valuables brought to school by students. This includes money, toys, and other items. Please leave these at home. Cell phones and electronic devices may not be used during the day. All items of clothing, book bags, and similar items should be marked with your childís name or initials.



Students entering Sacred Heart School for the first time are to present evidence from a physician of a complete physical examination.

The school does vision checks every fall.

To engage in inter-school athletics, an athlete is required to obtain a physical examination from a doctor. The signed form must be on file in the office BEFORE the first practice.



The celebration of the Mass is the center of Catholic life. It is important that our students understand and appreciate liturgical worship through the active participation in school Mass. This participation leads to greater appreciation of the Sunday and Holy Day Mass celebrated by the entire parish community.

Our school expects Catholic parents and guardians to take seriously their obligation to worship at Mass on Sundays and Holy Days.

All students enrolled in Sacred Heart School will be instructed in the current Religion Curriculum and will attend regular school Mass.



Sports are offered at Sacred Heart as an extra-curricular activity. Students are given an opportunity to participate in sports in order to promote Christian values, physical fitness, and to teach lessons in goal setting, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Sports/Activities at SHS are a privilege and not a right. Students must meet all academic eligibility requirements; observe all of the rules and requirements of the athletic and coaching staff.

The boys and girls in grades five through eight may participate in basketball, volleyball, and track.

Basketball Practices

Basketball practices on Sunday are strongly discouraged.

Any scrimmages and practices with students who are not students of Sacred Heart at the present time will have prior approval of the Principal .

Students in grades seven and eight may participate in Scholarsí Bowl, Academic Contest, Cheerleading, and Football (with USD #303).



Tattoos of any kind are not allowed in school.



Students are allowed to use the phone for emergencies. (Asking to go to play at a friendís house does not constitute an emergency.) It is important that the lines be kept open for incoming calls.

Students must have permission to use the telephone.



A refund of tuition is given when a student must transfer to another school if tuition was paid in full at the beginning of the year. The refund scale: 75% in the first quarter, 50% in the second quarter, and 25% in the third quarter. No refunds will be given in the fourth quarter.  Book fees are not refundable.

Sacred Heart will transfer a studentís records upon receiving a request from the new school where the student has enrolled.



1. Solid colored shirts in red, white or navy for boys and girls in long and short sleeves. The style may be polo, oxford, Peter Pan collar or turtleneck. Shirts are to be tucked in at all times for both boys and girls. There should be no visible insignia on the shirts except the school uniform logo.

2. Red cardigan sweaters or red polar fleece jackets for boys and girls may be worn in the school building.  Red, white or navy sweatshirts may be worn in the building during cold weather.  Coats and nylon uniform jackets are for outdoor use and will not be worn in the building.

3. Navy and khaki pants and shorts are allowed for boys and girls. Accepted fabrics are cotton/polyester blend or polyester, no denim or corduroy. Shorts are to be walking shorts from a uniform company. Capri pants are not part of the uniform. Pants should have no top stitching, outside pockets, or loops for tools.

4. All plaid pieces (jumpers, culottes, and skirts) must be purchased from the Parker Uniform Company. Navy and Khaki skirts for the girls, length must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. Long khaki or navy skirts may be worn; slits may not be higher than knees.

5. No logos or emblems shall be on any clothing (to include socks) except for the official school logo.

6. It is recommended that parents purchase through Parker Uniforms of Wichita, Ks, because of the superior quality and the limited guarantee. However, you have the option to purchase them elsewhere, providing they meet the criteria stated in the policy. The best location would to deal with companies that handle school uniforms. Sears (French Toast), Penneyís, Dillards, Target, Walmart

7. Dress Uniform (Mass)

Boys: Khaki slacks, red polo shirt/sweatshirt with logo (long or short sleeves) black or brown dress belt.

Girls: Khaki or plaid skirts, or plaid jumper with red polo shirt/sweatshirt with logo (long or short sleeves). Khaki slacks are acceptable during inclement weather.

        8. Rubber shower shoes are not acceptable.

        9. Clothes must be in a state of good repair.

        10. Make-up and hair coloring is strongly discouraged.  The judgment of the Principal will prevail in this regard.




Sacred Heart will follow USD # 303 policy regarding bad weather and dismissal for tornado warnings.

For more information regarding inclement weather, school closings, early dismissals, etc. check the Parent Notices page on the School website, watch the local cable stations, and channels 13, 7, 6, 11, & 2.